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As I finally got back into crafting this year I thought I would go back to the tradition of making some gifts this Christmas. I am still working on this circular scarf for my mum,  about 15 rows to go. Emily Kausalik’s pattern is a free download from Ravelry (login needed). An interesting fact about this project is that my yarn is partly made from milk!

The only ones finished so far are these sets of easy crochet fingerless gloves for housemates. They gave me the wool for my birthday earlier in the year. I’ll be writing up the pattern soon.

Last is this Rabbit Tracks scarf. Pattern is available here (no login needed), and it looks quite different with thicker wool

I won’t be able to make it to tuesday’s meetup, but hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and I am so happy to have found a lovely bunch of crafters at my work! I never imagined being so lucky!

Knitted snowman christmas card, from a Ravelry pattern by Frankie.

I made five of them, but only discovered last night that I’ve managed to make two of them back to front – they’ll have to be for left handers 🙂

Wayne thought the deer in the photo looked a bit chilly so I might knit her a scarf too.

Our last stitch n bitch for the year is next week. If you can’t make it, have a wonderful Christmas and we’ll see you in the new year. My New Year’s resolution is to learn to crochet. How about you?

Kim has written a great article about our Stitch n Bitch group (and this blog) in the latest edition of the ALIA Vic Specials newsletter.

It features a link to us and a special feature on Nyssa’s work.

Kim writes that the links women perceive between their engagement in craftmaking and their wellbeing is explored in a recent book by researchers Enza Gandolfo and Marty Grace (It keeps me sane: women crafting wellbeing). While we’re not all women in our Library Stitch n Bitch group, I think we’d all agree that an hour of craft every 3 weeks or so is a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

So hi to our newest readers, who may have come to us through ALIA!

I found this Japanese amigurumi kit in a secondhand store in Northcote today. The lady in the shop warned me that all the instructions are in Japanese but I’m tempted to have a go anyway.

(Actually, there were three other kits and I’m tempted to go back and buy them too.)

The label says りんご帽のくま which means something like “apple cap bear”.

kawaii ne? (cute, huh?)

You may have heard about guerrilla knitters, people who leave knitted graffiti around the streets of cities. What could be more harmless than this? (Except of course, when it rains …)

'Guerrilla Knitting Pink & Blue', by scratchflickr

'Guerrilla Knitting Pink & Blue', by scratchflickr

There’s a bunch of people knitting a giant pink tea cosy for the historic Stockbridge in Footscray as part of the Big West Festival. Read all about it. When it’s done, there’ll by a big dance-a-thon to celebrate so everyone can go down to the river in legwarmers and do their best Flashdance impersonation.

If anyone manages to see it (or the legwarmers), please take a photo to post to this blog!

I’m afraid I’ve been very slack lately, both with my knitting and keeping you up to date with my progress. So here’s a little gem my mother (my chief knitting instructor) found that I’d like to share with you.

Jean Greenhowe is most famous for her beautiful doll and toy patterns, especially knitted animals based on nursery rhymes. However, on her website, you can now download a gorgeous pattern for making mini Christmas stockings. Perfect if you don’t have the patience to knit a whole sock!

'lola opens her stocking', by wolfsavard

'lola opens her stocking', by wolfsavard

She also kindly provides some more cute free patterns, including octopuses and cupcakes, here.

Happy knitting!

I started to make a Rose Tyler to accompany Doctor Who number ten but then I though I would be a better companion (sad but true). Then I decided to make Kim and Ben dolls.

My boyfriend is overseas and I thought he would think these were funny (he did) so my secret project is revealed.

I finally got the hair/wig right on the Kim doll. For some reason the pattern didn’t really make sense too me before then it suddenly clicked.

I decided not to use stem stitch over the wig for hair strands but attach hair like tassels (time consuming) but I like the look better. Next time I will try Nys’s technique of using a sewing machine.

vestI have developed a bit of a love/hate relationship with Rowan summer tweed. It’s very very beautiful, but tricky to knit with – well, for a beginner anyway.

Being cotton/silk it doesn’t have much stretch so all my beginnerly knitter imperfections get amplified. I got as far as knitting one skein of it, then decided to start over.

Spending a couple of days at my mum’s place I had another go from scratch and this time it turned out better. Mum said it looked fine, except… “wasn’t it a bit small?”

Uh oh, I forgot to switch to the larger size needles after doing the ribbing for the waist. Bum.

So then I got some motherly tips on frogging and rethreading my needles and now I’m all set to restart the main part tomorrow! The pattern is from Erika Knight’s book  Men’s knits.

Jus finished this baby jacket last week for my friends baby, who is arrving any day now. It was fun to make as you knit it sideways. Just need a couple of cute buttons now. The pattern was from a book – Shepherd: 26 fabulous quick easy baby knits.

Mauve variegated wool baby kacket

Mauve variegated wool baby kacket

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