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It was knitting week on SheldonComics ^_^


My thoughts on  why circular knitting needles are great – if anyone is interested – enjoy ^_^

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Jus finished this baby jacket last week for my friends baby, who is arrving any day now. It was fun to make as you knit it sideways. Just need a couple of cute buttons now. The pattern was from a book – Shepherd: 26 fabulous quick easy baby knits.

Mauve variegated wool baby kacket

Mauve variegated wool baby kacket


TARDIS pattern

Hello all,
I just finished writing out my TARDIS pattern, it’s definitely not as cute as Kim’s Dalek :p but it makes a nice backdrop for my Doctors 😀

It is here if anyone would like to take a look

A friend of mine is having her first baby, which is exciting. Especially because she’s having a girl so I can knit  something lovely in pink.

My mother found this beautiful pattern for a hat and cardigan called Rosy Posy. It’s an obnoxious name but the ensemble is charming and the yarn is extraordinary:

'Sublime' baby cashmere merino silk DK: 75% extra fine merino; 20% silk; 5% cashmere

'Sublime' baby cashmere merino silk DK: 75% extra fine merino; 20% silk; 5% cashmere

I’d better get moving on it … I ambitiously chose to knit the newborn size and the baby is due in 4 months. Just as well I’m up to here, isn’t it?

The illusion of progress

The illusion of progress

Oh dear. Let’s see what Wednesday brings.

We were discussing Cate Blanchett’s crochet dress at the meeting today so I went and checked it out. I’m not really a fan, I think granny squares look best on blankets, but it reminded me of this other lovely dress I saw made by agmode which also is off the shoulder.

Here’s the image if you’re interested.

Latest pincushion this time a cup of coffee. They only take 2 hours from start to finish to whip up. I am making them as stocking fillers for my crafty friends.

coffee cup pin cushion

coffee cup pin cushion

Well just to make this blog looked well-loved I’ll do another post now 😀

This very cute pattern appeared on my desk on wednesday morning when I got back to work after being sick and cheered me up.


I’ve asked around but can’t work out who put it there! very intrigued!

Can anyone solve the mystery for me?


Oh and i like the new template Kim, noticed you were going through the options


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