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It was knitting week on SheldonComics ^_^


We have been neglecting the poor blog 😦

These are not as labour intensive as Robin’s lovely handspun ones, but here are the blue fingerless ones I made for Dana last weekHere they are onΒ Ravelry

My thoughts on Β why circular knitting needles are great – if anyone is interested – enjoy ^_^

Read on my blog

As I finally got back into crafting this year I thought I would go back to the tradition of making some gifts this Christmas. I am still working on this circular scarf for my mum,Β  about 15 rows to go. Emily Kausalik’s pattern is a free download from Ravelry (login needed). An interesting fact about this project is that my yarn is partly made from milk!

The only ones finished so far are these sets of easy crochet fingerless gloves for housemates. They gave me the wool for my birthday earlier in the year. I’ll be writing up the pattern soon.

Last is this Rabbit Tracks scarf. Pattern is available here (no login needed), and it looks quite different with thicker wool

I won’t be able to make it to tuesday’s meetup, but hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and I am so happy to have found a lovely bunch of crafters at my work! I never imagined being so lucky!

The 10th Doctor

The 10th Doctor (I haven't blogged about him yet, but you saw him at the meeting so I'll put him up here)


I was just wondering if a crochet person would be interested in testing my pattern for the Doctor Who bodies – I haven’t finished them yet, but I hope to put in some more work this weekend.

Because they are all made in one piece (the arms being the tricky bit), I want to make sure that my pattern is readable before I put it on my etsy shop.

Anyway, I could provide materials and give you a copy of the pattern and then see if it is understandable.

It might be a little while until I am done, but let me know if you might be interested. The main body piece should take less than an hour I think, and the hair is the main time consuming element, but that doesn’t really need testing unless you get enthused πŸ™‚


TARDIS pattern

Hello all,
I just finished writing out my TARDIS pattern, it’s definitely not as cute as Kim’s Dalek :p but it makes a nice backdrop for my Doctors πŸ˜€

It is here if anyone would like to take a look

We were discussing Cate Blanchett’s crochet dress at the meeting today so I went and checked it out. I’m not really a fan, I think granny squares look best on blankets, but it reminded me of this other lovely dress I saw made by agmode which also is off the shoulder.

Here’s the image if you’re interested.

Well since Kim posted up her in-progress Dalek, I thought I would add the Dr Who themed things which I have been working on tonight.


Amigurumi TARDIS

4th Doctor (Tom Baker)

4th Doctor (Tom Baker)

I’m making the TARDIS mainly as a photographic background for my tiny doctor who figures, but I’ve noted down the very simple pattern as I went and will probably put in on my blog in case anyone would like to crochet their own TARDIS – would be a good beginner pattern I guess.

I added the POLICE BOX sign this afternoon, and some stitching around the door, but it’s not quite finished yet I am quite proud of little Tom, his scarf was a challenge but worked out ok in the end πŸ˜€

Well just to make this blog looked well-loved I’ll do another post now πŸ˜€

This very cute pattern appeared on my desk on wednesday morning when I got back to work after being sick and cheered me up.


I’ve asked around but can’t work out who put it there! very intrigued!

Can anyone solve the mystery for me?


Oh and i like the new template Kim, noticed you were going through the options


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