vestI have developed a bit of a love/hate relationship with Rowan summer tweed. It’s very very beautiful, but tricky to knit with – well, for a beginner anyway.

Being cotton/silk it doesn’t have much stretch so all my beginnerly knitter imperfections get amplified. I got as far as knitting one skein of it, then decided to start over.

Spending a couple of days at my mum’s place I had another go from scratch and this time it turned out better. Mum said it looked fine, except… “wasn’t it a bit small?”

Uh oh, I forgot to switch to the larger size needles after doing the ribbing for the waist. Bum.

So then I got some motherly tips on frogging and rethreading my needles and now I’m all set to restart the main part tomorrow! The pattern is from Erika Knight’s book  Men’s knits.