Watching Nys make amazing creatures in the space of a morning tea break was the motivation I needed to start knitting again (thanks, Nys!). I hadn’t picked up a knitting needle in at least 5 years so I was scared I might have lost the knack. Knitting is a fantastic method of unwinding, especially at the moment when it’s cold, but it’s not relaxing when all the knitting you’re doing is ‘unknitting’ :-).

For the inaugural Library Stitch N Bitch, I brought in a half-finished cushion (or pillow) cover with a fairly basic pattern—something gentle to ease me back into the swing of things. It looks fancy but it’s really just alternating squares of moss stitch and stocking stitch.

Up close and personal with my cushion cover

Up close and personal with my cushion cover

I now have a cushion to put inside the cover (probably a good start) and I’ve finished one side. I’ve had to put it aside for the moment for more urgent things (stay tuned …), but I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

The pattern is designed for a 40.5cm square pillow and is freely available on the Web.